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Mod Description

Storm's Additions Mod (Formerly Storm Diver’s Additions Mod) is a mod that adds a range of new unique content to the game, with a total of over 300 items. It flushes out some vanilla item sets, and has many new unique sets spread across the entire game, along with many individual items obtained in their own way.

This mod includes:

  • Over 100 new unique weapons across all classes, including some minions and sentries
  • Over 40 new accessories, including new expert exclusive ones and some tinkers with vanilla accessories
  • 15 new armor sets with unique set bonuses, some use a dedicated hotkey, make sure to set it in the controls (defaults to V)
  • 27 new enemies across the game, with banners and bestiary entries
  • 3 new bosses, one late pre-hardmode, one tiered around Plantera, with a config to fight it in its place, and a secret post Moon Lord one
  • New Ammo, tools, potions, vanity items, and pets
  • The Cultist drops his treasure bag with some new items
  • A new member of the Frost Legion
  • Full Wikithis support
  • 25 new Achievements available via the Achievement Mod

Quality of Life features

  • New recipes and drops for certain un-craftable vanilla items, including the Rod of Discord, Snow and Gladiator armor, Chum caster, and even the Slime Staff
  • A special super dummy with multiple variants
  • Most NPCs sell their dropped weapon
  • A special Post Moon Lord miniboss that drops Lunar fragments and Luminite
  • An item that can remove the shields from the pillars
  • Generates additional Granite, Marble, and Mushroom chests in their respective biomes
Storm's Additions Mod
Tmodloader Version
Latest 1.4.4 stable release
  • This mod used to be called "Storm Diver's Additions and Changes" and it made several changes to vanilla armors and recipes. The changes began to be phased out in 1.6.3 and were finally removed in 1.7, as they previously caused problems and were not the main focus of the mod.
  • The mod was originally going to be 2 separate mods, "Storm Diver's Additions" and "Storm Diver's Changes" (Originally "Storm Diver's Buffs") but they were both merged into one a few days before release.
  • The 1.4 version of the mod was temporarily changed to "Vortexia" and had a brand new logo, however, the name was reverted to "Storm's Additions Mod" after some backlash, removing the Diver from the name, however, the new logo remained.