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Mod Description

Storm's Additions Mod (formerly Storm Diver's Additions Mod, and for the Legacy 1.3 version) is a decently sized content mod which strives to add quality additions throughout areas of the game where content seems lacking, along with unique items thrown in here and there. The mod is available on the Steam Tmodloader workshop for 1.4.3, 1.4.4, and also has a legacy version for the 1.3 version that is no longer updated.

The mod currently has over 300 total modded items for you to discover, including weapons, accessories, ammo, tools, armour, vanity sets, enemies, and much more. Many of these additions are crafted with vanilla items, but some have their own modded ingredients added to the recipes. There are also a few new recipes for certain things that did not have a crafting recipe prior.

This mod includes:

  • Over 100 new unique weapons, over 30 new accessories including new expert exclusive ones, 12 new armour sets, many new ammo types, multiple new tools, new bars and crafting materials, many new buffs and debuffs, 9 new potions, 4 New Vanity Sets, 6 new pets, 27 new enemies, 3 new bosses, plus some new recipes for certain uncraftable vanilla items.

This mod also has compatibility with the TRAE project, changing how some items function.

Storm's Additions Mod
v2.3.6.1 (1.4.3) / v2.4.0.8 (1.4.4)
Tmodloader Version
v2022.9.47.49 / Latest 1.4.4 Preview
v1.4.3.6 / V1.4.4.9
  • This mod used to be called "Storm Diver's Additions and Changes" and it made several changes to vanilla armors and recipes. The changes began to be phased out in 1.6.3 and were finally removed in 1.7, as they previously caused problems and were not the main focus of the mod.
  • The mod was originally going to to be 2 separate mods, "Storm Diver's Additions" and "Storm Diver's Changes" (Originally "Storm Diver's Buffs") but they were both merged into one a few days before release.
  • The 1.4 version of the mod was temporarily changed to "Vortexia" and had a brand new logo, however the name was reverted to "Storm's Additions Mod" after some backlash, removing the Diver from the name, however the new logo remained.