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All Terraria mods in the main space on this wiki must be officially released on tModLoader. Any information in wiki main space regarding any Terraria mods still in the development phase will be removed.

The process of adding a new mod to the Official Terraria Mods Wiki is fairly simple:

  • First, you should create an account, or if you are already registered, log in.
  • Create a new page that will serve as the main page and landing page for your mod:
    • If your mod is officially released, create a new page in the main space (ignore the warning that appears when saving the page):
Make sure to use the exact name that is displayed on the tModLoader Mod Browser (or other source of download), in order to facilitate easily finding the mod.
  • If your mod is not officially released, you must work on it in your user space:
  • Enter some basic information about the mod and save the page. You can take other mods' main pages as inspiration.

All pages dealing with content of your mod have to be subpages of your mod main page, e.g. Beyond The Forgotten Ages/Weapons (released mods) / User: Mod/Weapons (unreleased mods).

Make sure every article about the mod has the following text as the first line: {{mod sub-page}}<!--DO NOT REMOVE THIS LINE! It is required for Mod sub-pages to work properly.-->. It enables functionalities that are crucial for the correct functioning of the page.

Category pages, templates, and files are to be named in the following format (note the hyphens in the file naming for unreleased mods):

Released mods Unreleased mods
Categories Category:<name of your mod>/<category name>
Category:Beyond The Forgotten Ages/Items Category:User: Mod/Items
Templates Template:<name of your mod>/<template name>
Template:Beyond The Forgotten Ages/Masomode Template:User: Mod/Masomode
Files File:<file name> (<name of your mod>)
File:Capacitator (Beyond The Forgotten Ages).png File:Capacitator (User- Mod).png
Logo File:Logo (<name of your mod>).png
File:Logo (Beyond The Forgotten Ages).png File:Logo (User- Mod).png

The mod's logo will be displayed in the upper right on every article.

If you are wanting to add a mod, please commit to it. Any released mods incompletely documented on the wiki, i.e., containing less than 15 pages, and not worked on in two weeks will be removed.

If you need any help or have questions, please contact ReedemtheD3ad!, or ask in the Official Terraria Wiki Discord.