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The Metroid Mod is, quite simply, a mod that adds content based on the Metroid franchise.

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Metroid Mod/AccessoriesAccessories
Metroid Mod/ArmorArmor
Metroid Mod/BarsBars
Metroid Mod/BlocksBlocks
Metroid Mod/Crafting materialsCrafting materials
Metroid Mod/Crafting stationsCrafting stations
Metroid Mod/FurnitureFurniture
Metroid Mod/MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
Metroid Mod/OresOres
Metroid Mod/Suit addonsSuit addons
Metroid Mod/ToolsTools
Metroid Mod/Vanity itemsVanity items
Metroid Mod/WallsWalls
Metroid Mod/WeaponsWeapons
Metroid Mod/[[Metroid Mod/|]]
File:(Metroid Mod).pngBiomes and Structures
Chozo RuinsChozo Ruins