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Welcome to the Official Polarities Mod Wiki!

The Polarities Mod is an ambitious work-in-progress content mod that adds a little bit of everything: bosses, enemies, critters, events, town NPCs, ores, weapon types, armor sets, generated structures, and more!

"[This] is a content mod which aims to add a number of interesting and mechanically unique bosses, enemies, and items to the game. My goals with the mod are to prioritize quality over quantity and to fit fairly closely to vanilla progression up until the defeat of Moon Lord." - turingcomplete30

Please note that this mod does not support multiplayer. Many of its features and mechanics were created with the intent of only one player interacting with them, and writing netcode is not a priority for the mod's single developer. Any and all parts of it may break on a server, and support will NOT be offered if you encounter such an issue.

This wiki details the updated versions of the mod for Terraria 1.4. For the legacy 1.3 version, see the Fandom wiki instead.