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Welcome to the Official Catalyst Mod Wiki,
the comprehensive reference about the mod, written and maintained by the players.
Logo (Catalyst).pngThe Mod

The Catalyst Mod is a Calamity Mod add-on which takes place in an alternate universe that adds new items, enemies, and a superboss in the form of Astrageldon.

The mod is in development and intends on adding more superbosses and biomes in the future! Note: Much of the communication regarding the Catalyst Mod Wiki is done via the Catalyst Mod Discord Server. If you have questions or issues regarding editing this wiki, asking via Discord is the best way to get your issue addressed quickly.

Astrageldon Trophy (placed) (Catalyst).pngMod Information
Catalyst Mod
Mod Portals
Exalted Horizon (Catalyst).pngCredits
  • Owner, Spriter, and Composer: Heart Plus Up!
  • Co-manager and Coder: apotofkoolaid
  • Coders: Vortex, Nalyd T., YuH, and turingcomplete30
  • Spriters: PokerFace, MarieArk, SpicySpaceSnake, Seasalt, Triangle, and Mochi
  • Sound Design: egshels
  • Concept Artist: Hat
  • Testers: Pins30, SirScorepan, Storm2103, Mister Moon, Water, EmiG, willowmaine, Ramen Guy, Drædon
  • Promotion: gitgudwo, CataclysmicArmageddon, DreadSoul, AquaSG
  • Translators: Lastprismer
  • Contributors: DylanDoe21, IbanPlay