Shards of Atheria

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Welcome to the official Shards of Atheria wiki!

  • This mod adds many new items, weapons, accessories, and random stuff the mod creator feels like adding. Soon the mod will also include lore and a story in the Terraria world.
  • It also adds a new game mode called Slayer Mode. (Not to be confused as a difficulty mode.)
  • View the Forum page for more info.
  • Join the Discord server or Guilded server for updates, spoilers, etc. Any bugs and glitches found should (preferably) be reported there.

Developers can be found here.

Potted Plant (Shards of Atheria).pngOther Content
Shards of Atheria/LoreLore
Shards of Atheria/Areus OverchargeAreus Overcharge
Shards of Atheria/AggressionAggression