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Welcome to the Eternal mod Wiki
The Mod
Eternal is a mod that adds over 230+ items, weapons and materials, 2 new difficulties, 1 new event and so much more!
EmperorsTrust (Eternal).pngVersion History
EternalBestiaryIcon (Eternal).png Eternal
TModLoader only.png tModLoader
Bestiary Surface.png Terraria
RodofDistortion (Eternal).pngItems
  • /AccessoriesAccessories
  • /AmmunitionAmmunition
  • /ArmorArmor
  • /BarsBars
  • /BlocksBlocks
  • /Crafting materialsCrafting materials
  • /Crafting stationCrafting stations
  • /FurnitureFurniture
  • /MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
  • /OresOres
  • /PotionsPotions
  • /ToolsTools
  • /Vanity itemsVanity items
  • Biomes
    /Floating IslandFloating Island
    /Glowing Mushroom biomeGlowing Mushroom biome
    /Ice biomeIce biome
    /The BeneathThe Beneath
    /Snow biomeSnow biome
    /The CorruptionThe Corruption
    /The CrimsonThe Crimson
    /The UnderworldThe Underworld
    /Underground DesertUnderground Desert
    /Underground JungleUnderground Jungle