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The Mod

Repeat's DND Vanity is a vanity-and-QoL mod made by Repeat. It adds new vanity, materials (including new types of Thread), a new title screen (with a matching music box), a new pickaxe, a new whip, several accessories corresponding to each vanity set, and a new crafting station for more efficient Silk/Thread creation.

Repeat's DND Vanity/AccessoriesAccessories :Category:Repeat's DND Vanity/Crafting StationsCrafting Stations
Repeat's DND Vanity/Accessories#EnchantmentsEnchantments Repeat's DND Vanity/Accessories#ForcesForces
Repeat's DND Vanity/MaterialsMaterials Repeat's DND Vanity/Music BoxesMusic Boxes
:Category:Repeat's DND Vanity/PetsPets :Category:Repeat's DND Vanity/ToolsTools
Repeat's DND Vanity/Useless ItemsUseless Items Repeat's DND Vanity/Vanity SetsVanity Sets
:Category:Repeat's DND Vanity/WeaponsWeapons
Repeat's DND Vanity/ConfigConfig Repeat's DND Vanity/Title ScreenTitle Screen
Repeat's DND Vanity/Vanilla ChangesVanilla Changes
Repeat's DND Vanity/Cross-compatibility#CalamityCalamity Repeat's DND Vanity/Cross-compatibility#ThoriumThorium Repeat's DND Vanity/Cross-compatibility#Fargo's Mutant ModFargo's Mutant Mod Repeat's DND Vanity/Cross-compatibility#Fargo's Souls ModFargo's Souls Mod Repeat's DND Vanity/Cross-compatibility#ConsolariaConsolaria Repeat's DND Vanity/Cross-compatibility#Miscellaneous_ModsOther
Repeat's DND Vanity/Easter EggsEaster Eggs Repeat's DND Vanity/LoreLore
Repeat's DND Vanity/CreditsCredits :Category:Repeat's DND Vanity/UpdatesUpdates/Changelogs

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