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Wiki Links
  • Lunar Veil/Commander GintziaCommander Gintzia
  • Lunar Veil/Sun StalkerSun Stalker
  • Lunar Veil/JackJack
  • Lunar Veil/Forgotten Puppet DaedusForgotten Puppet Daedus
  • Lunar Veil/Dread MireDread Mire
  • Lunar Veil/Singularity FragmentSingularity Fragment
  • Lunar Veil/Verlia BVerlia B
Hardmode Bosses
  • Lunar Veil/GothiviaGothivia
  • Lunar Veil/AccessoriesAccessories
  • Lunar Veil/ArmorArmor
  • Lunar Veil/BarsBars
  • Lunar Veil/BlocksBlocks
  • Lunar Veil/Crafting materialsCrafting materials
  • Lunar Veil/Crafting stationsCrafting stations
  • Lunar Veil/FurnitureFurniture
  • Lunar Veil/MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
  • Lunar Veil/OresOres
  • Lunar Veil/ToolsTools
  • Lunar Veil/WallsWalls
  • Lunar Veil/WeaponsWeapons
  • Lunar Veil/BuffsBuffs
  • Lunar Veil/CraftingCrafting
  • Lunar Veil/DebuffsDebuffs
  • Lunar Veil/DefenseDefense
  • Lunar Veil/DropsDrops
  • Lunar Veil/MusicMusic
  • Lunar Veil/Abyss BiomeAbyss Biome
  • Lunar Veil/Acid BiomeAcid Biome
  • Lunar Veil/Aurelus BiomeAurelus Biome
  • Lunar Veil/Fable BiomeFable Biome
  • Lunar Veil/Govheil CastleGovheil Castle
  • Lunar Veil/Marrow Surface BiomeMarrow Surface Biome
  • Lunar Veil/Morrow Underground BiomeMorrow Underground Biome
Town NPCs
  • Lunar Veil/GambitGambit
  • Lunar Veil/GinztelGinztel
  • Lunar Veil/Gintze ArmyGintze Army