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Logo (Hunt of the Old God).pngThe Mod

Calamity: Hunt of the Old God is a mod which reimplements the scrapped Calamity boss, Goozma as well as an array of drops for it.

While the mod uses Calamity concepts, the mod does not require Calamity to run and can be enjoyed by itself.

Goozma Trophy (placed) (Hunt of the Old God).pngMod Information
Hunt of the Old God
Goomoire (Hunt of the Old God).pngCredits
  • Main programmer: Blockaroz
  • Mastermind: AmmyanDocCiesh
  • Coders: MisterGoodLuck, YuH
  • Spriters: THEREDSTONEBRO, Willowmaine, Mochi
  • Sound Design: Moonburn
  • Music: The Exiled Fellow
  • Concept Artist and additional programming: IbanPlay
  • Testers: Shade, Purified, Myra, Angel, aboOod, DestructoGabe8
  • Low quality assurance: Seeksery
  • Special color palettes: Split, Spoop, Delly, Triangle