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The Mod
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GameTerraria is a small-scale mod made by John Snail. It was originally made for the GaMetal community, featuring content as homages to several GaMetal community members. However, it is also very experimental, adding new subworlds alongside changing vanilla features, including an overhaul of the Frost Legion and a new golf class.

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GaMeTerraria (Latest) 2023.8.3.4
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GaMeTerraria (Legacy)
For other versions of GaMeTerraria, see Version History.
  • John Snail for being the creator and owner of GaMeTerraria.
  • Maskano, Aleksh, Lemonful Tea and Blasko for contributing various sprites and ideas.
  • rekasaurus and ArcaineBike41304 for contributing various art and ideas.
  • Hornlitz and ENNWAY for contributing music.
  • Spiralviper, davedavidsondaniel and IbSilent for supporting John Snail.
  • SnowyStarfall and Lunastela for additional programming help.
  • babybluesheep for creating and contributing to the wiki.
  • Jonny Atma and the GaMetal community for being the main inspiration for the mod.