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Welcome to the Official Veridian Mod Wiki

Veridian Mod is a medium-sized mod with a main focus on yoyo-based content but has since shifted to include a wider scope of content. It adds over 200 new items, 8 status effects, 18 armour sets, 2 enemy NPCs, and several crafting recipes. The mod is still a heavy WIP and currently has one developer so reach out on Discord or Steam for questions or concerns. Alternatively, consult the Docs Wiki for clarification as it is updated instantly.

Discord • Steam Page • Docs Wiki
Veridian Mod 1.4.3  •  Terraria
Veridian Mod/BuffsBuffs
Veridian Mod/DebuffsDebuffs
Veridian Mod/CraftingCrafting
Veridian Mod/DropsDrops
Veridian Mod/Vanilla ChangesVanilla Changes