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Welcome to the Official Risk of Terrain Mod Wiki.
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The Mod

The Risk of Terrain mod is a project which adds various items, features, and mechanics from Risk of Rain and Risk of Rain 2 into Terraria. Many items have to be altered to fit into Terraria, and there is no stacking in order to keep the game balanced!

Risk of Terrain
Preview v2023.6.25.5

For the full version history, see Version history.

57 Leaf Clover (Risk of Terrain).pngMechanics
Risk of Terrain/ArtifactsArtifacts
Risk of Terrain/ShieldShield
Risk of Terrain/BarrierBarrier
Risk of Terrain/ChestsChests
Risk of Terrain/LockboxesLockboxes
Risk of Terrain/ElitesElites