List of Items (Everglow)

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This is the complete list of items (as of version 0.1.6) that can appear in Everglow.

Inventory Items

These are the items that players can legitimately obtain.


Unobtainable Items

These are the items that players cannot obtain.

  • Everglow/'An Illusion of The Firefly''An Illusion of The Firefly'
  • Everglow/'An Illusion of The Yggdrasil''An Illusion of The Yggdrasil'
  • Everglow/Air Tile ItemAir Tile Item
  • Everglow/Air Wall ItemAir Wall Item
  • Everglow/Life Max ItemLife Max Item
  • Everglow/Sight Of TileSight Of Tile
  • Everglow/Wooden LiftWooden Lift