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About the Mod
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  • Everglow is a comprehensive content mod, dedicated to add rich and interesting content into Terraria, which focuses on exploration, like every Terrarian did when playing this game for the first time.
  • These contents will cover all aspects of the game: from the Terraria Continent to a wider world, weapons, equipments, bosses, biomes, subworlds, and game mechanics.
  • With a unique module system, players can selectively load some modules to customize the mod content to a certain extent, and find their favorite way to play.
  • The content of the two mods, Eternal Resolve and MythMod, will each be partially migrated as a module, and may be linked to other mods in the future.
  • The mod is currently only has a demo avaliable and many of these features are not yet included in the demo, but will be eventually.
Latest Versions
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  • /AccessoriesAccessories
  • /BarsBars
  • /BlocksBlocks
  • /Crafting materialsCrafting materials
  • /FurnitureFurniture
  • /MinionsMinions
  • /MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
  • /OresOres
  • /PotionsPotions
  • /ToolsTools
  • /Vanity itemsVanity items
  • /WallsWalls
  • /WeaponsWeapons

Pre-Hardmode Bosses:

  • /Corrupted MothCorrupted Moth
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  • /Firefly DimensionFirefly Dimension