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Mod Description

Awful Garbage Mod is a mod I have created to just add whatever I want into Terraria, it is also the first Terraria mod I have ever created. While I have "plans" for the mod, they mostly just exist so I feel like I am making progress.

Currently adds 260+ items and 10 NPCs, mostly in pre-Hardmode. This includes:
121 weapons
A new type of magic weapon, Scepters, which create orbital projectiles that grant buffs while orbiting. Taking damage releases all orbiting projectiles.
10 tools
9 armor sets + 1 helmet for a vanilla set
78 accessories

4 bosses + 1 boss minion
4 enemies
1 town NPC

This mod balance changes a few vanilla items, this can be managed in the configs

Has support/cross mod content for:
Boss Checklist
Stram's Classes (This includes: 1 armor set, 9 weapons)

Awful Garbage Mod

For the full history, see Version history.

Pre-Hardmode Bosses
Town NPCs
  • Spell Collector Map Icon (Awful Garbage Mod).pngSpell Collector
  • Frigid Altar (Awful Garbage Mod).pngIce Palace
  • Reach Buff (Awful Garbage Mod).pngBuffs
  • Necroscepter (Awful Garbage Mod).pngScepters
  • Slimy Knives (Awful Garbage Mod).pngClass setups
  • Bee Gun.pngVanilla changes