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Welcome to the Sins Mod Wiki,
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the most comprehensive source of information about the Sins Mod, an official mod for Terraria.
Zenith Crystal (Sins Mod).pngItems
Sins Mod/AccessoriesAccessories Sins Mod/MountsMounts
Sins Mod/AmmunitionAmmunition Sins Mod/OresOres
Sins Mod/ArmorArmor Sins Mod/PetsPets
Sins Mod/BarsBars Sins Mod/PotionsPotions
Sins Mod/BlocksBlocks Sins Mod/ToolsTools
Sins Mod/Crafting materialsCrafting materials Sins Mod/WallsWalls
Sins Mod/DyesDyes Sins Mod/WeaponsWeapons
Sins Mod/FurnitureFurniture Sins Mod/WingsWings
Sins Mod/MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
Pre-Hardmode Minibosses:
Sins Mod/Chest GuardianChest Guardian
Sins Mod/Terra CubeTerra Cube
Hardmode Minibosses:
Sins Mod/True Eye of CthulhuTrue Eye of Cthulhu
Pre-Hardmode Bosses:
Sins Mod/Sin of GreedSin of Greed
Sins Mod/Sin of PrideSin of Pride
Hardmode Bosses:
Sins Mod/Metal KingMetal King
Sins Mod/Sin of EnvySin of Envy
Sins Mod/Sin of SlothSin of Sloth
Sins Mod/Sin of GluttonySin of Gluttony
Post-Moon Lord Bosses:
Sins Mod/Sin of VainSin of Vain
Eternal Gear (Sins Mod).pngMechanics
Sins Mod/BuffsBuffs Sins Mod/DropsDrops
Sins Mod/RecipesCrafting recipes Sins Mod/EventsEvents
Sins Mod/DebuffsDebuffs Sins Mod/MinionsMinions
Sins Mod/DefenseDefense Sins Mod/MusicMusic
Small Icon (Sins Mod).pngBiomes
Sins Mod/DeepseaDeepsea
Sins Mod/Nightenergy MeteorNightenergy Meteor
Sins Mod/Stella BiomeStella Biome
Sins Mod/TartarusTartarus
Rune Stone Dealer (Sins Mod).pngTown NPCs
Sins Mod/Rune Stone DealerRune Stone Dealer