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Welcome to the Official Gerd's Lab Wiki.
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The Mod

This is a mod mainly focused on only adding content, don't really expect the biggest mod ever. Having multiple weapons and armors as well as a bit of grinding added to make all just slightly more entretaining, i can offer 2 things: - A ton of items with probably unique effects - Incredibly bad bosses

Gerd's Lab
Stable v2022.9.47.30

For the full version history, see Version history.

Scrap Fragment (Gerd's Lab).pngItems
Gerd's Lab/AccessoriesAccessories
Gerd's Lab/AmmunitionAmmunition
Gerd's Lab/ArmorArmor
Gerd's Lab/PlacablesPlacables
Gerd's Lab/MaterialsMaterials
Gerd's Lab/Souls ContentSouls Content
Infra-Red Gun Drone (Gerd's Lab).pngEnemies
Pre-Hardmode Bosses
Gerd's Lab/JackJack
Hardmode Bosses
Gerd's Lab/AcheronAcheron
Gerd's Lab/Buffs & DebuffsBuffs & Debuffs
Town NPCs
Gerd's Lab/Shape ShifterShape Shifter
Gerd's Lab/MemerMemer