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Welcome to the Official Vyrvin's Mod Wiki maintained by devs and players

Vyrvin's Mod is a small to medium content mod which had rough beginnings of being a mod coded with no prior modding experience just for fun. It quickly became an ambitious project which also formed a dev team. If the information you're looking for is not here, or want to add something but aren't sure of something, please head to our discord server.

Discord Server • Steam Page
Vyrvin's Mod 0.9.1  •  Terraria
Vyrvin's Mod/AccessoriesAccessories
Vyrvin's Mod/ArmorArmor
Vyrvin's Mod/MaterialsMaterials
Vyrvin's Mod/TilesTiles
Vyrvin's Mod/WeaponsWeapons
Vyrvin's Mod/EnemiesEnemies
Vyrvin's Mod/BossesBosses
Vyrvin's Mod/BuffsBuffs