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Welcome to the Official The Depths Wiki.
Logo (The Depths).pngAbout the Mod

The Depths was a mod started back in June of 2015 by Snickerbobble. Since then nothing has really happened regarding the original Depths, but many attempts to remake it for tModloader have failed. Hopefully this attempt won't fail and will be the new depths.

Check out another mod made by the same developer here → Confection Rebaked

ContentIcon2 (Confection Rebaked).pngCredits

Lion8cake - The Main Dev behind the mod
Basically, I am little fox - Creator of the World gen, large gems, Tiles and other fixes
Ghast tear - World Creation UI
Snickerbobble - The main concept creator

The Depths/ArmorsArmors
The Depths/PlaceablesPlaceables
The Depths/VanitiesVanities
The Depths/CompanionsCompanions
The Depths/DepthsThe Depths