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The Mod
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Orchid Mod is a small-scale content mod for Terraria, which focuses on new features, including: the Mineshaft structures located deep underground, which are designed to allow for a smoother start of the game; and the Shaman, Alchemist, and Gambler classes, which are developed in varying degrees throughout the entirety of a vanilla playthrough. Additionally, the Orchid Mod features compatibility with the Thorium Mod, adding a wide variety of new items for the player to use.

Latest Versions
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Orchid Mod (Latest) 2022.9.47.35
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Orchid Mod (Legacy)
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  • Barometz for contributing various sprites and item ideas, as well as creating and maintaining the Orchid Mod wiki.
  • IceBeam and Feedza for maintaining sections of the Orchid Mod wiki.
  • direwolf420 for extensive coding help, and cross-mod compatibility.
  • Amber, BluNinja, catsounds, and Draka for contributing sprites, artwork, and ideas.
  • A91, Circadian, Kyle, ChozoChorizo, TheLoneGamer, and Xrylene for considerable balance and design feedback.

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