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Kryuger Collision - Terraria x Girls Frontline mod icon

Welcome to the database for the Kryuger Collision mod,

a mod crossing over Terraria with Girls' Frontline,
the best way to find content currently about the mod (hopefully when we get going on development)

Kryuger Collision - Girls' Frontline content in Terraria

"Two worlds collide as man, beast, and machine fight to the death. New mechanical threats await the citizens of Terraria as coalitions far greater than the Mechanical Bosses enter through ripples in time and space. The Arms Dealer and Mechanic however, found a way to combat this threat with special help. Will you be the one to quell this post-apocalyptic clash of tragic proportions?"

Inspired by a previous Girls' Frontline mod on the Mod Browser, this mod attempts to add a very high amount of Girls' Frontline content to Terraria mainly in the form of an wave-based invasion event similar to the Frost Moon, Pumpkin Moon, and Old One's Army. Expect weapons from all 4 main classes; and expect tons of guns for rangers!

Kryuger Collision - Terraria x Girls Frontline

Helian (Kryuger Collision).png

Enemies, NPCs, and Events

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  • Code, Sprites - leafsaber47
  • Sprites - terranE (on Discord)
  • Programming help - W1K, connery0, GabeHasWon (from the 1.3 Spirit Mod dev team), Hallamska (Mod of Redemption dev)
  • Sprite help - Paddle (on Discord)
  • Mod compatibility - DivermanSam and the Thorium Team
  • Girls' Frontline - Yuzhong & Mica Team
  • Terraria - Redigit & Re-Logic
  • tModloader - blushiemagic, Jofairden, jopojelly, et al.