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Welcome to the Excelsior Wiki!

Excelsior is a content mod for Terraria. Our goal with Excelsior is to help fill in gaps in the game which we felt were missing, while also coming up with new ideas to expand on the game in our own ways.
The mod so far has :

  • A new custom class : the Cleric Class
  • 200+ items in total, of which 80+ are weapons, 10+ healing tools, as well as 12 new armor sets
  • 18 new enemies, including 3 new bosses
  • 2 new town npcs
  • New world generation to discover
  • New content for Meteorites, Sandstorms, the Tundra, and more!
Pre-Hardmode Bosses Excelsior/Stellar StarshipStellar Starship Hardmode Bosses
The Grand Design.pngMechanics
Excelsior/Vanilla ChangesVanilla Changes
Excelsior/World GenerationWorld Generation
Excelsior/Cleric ClassCleric Class