Unobtainable features (Confection Rebaked)

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This page lists various entries that for one reason or another are not accessible during normal gameplay. Inaccessible entries are categorized as Unspawnable, Unobtainable, or Removed.

  • Unspawnable refers to functional NPCs that cannot appear at any time during regular gameplay. They can only only be spawned in by use of cheats.
  • Unobtainable refers to fully functional (or partially functional) features which are unavailable during normal gameplay. They are only accessible through cheats. Features may also be labeled as unobtainable due to being only partially obtainable. For example, Heaven's Gift can be obtained in normal gameplay, but just if the world has been converted from 1.3 to 1.4.
  • Removed refers to features that have been completely removed from the mod for various reasons. There is no longer any data related to them present in the mod files.

List of unobtainable and removed features



  • Confection Rebaked/Heaven's GiftHeaven's Gift



  • Confection Rebaked/Black SolutionBlack Solution
  • Confection Rebaked/Can of MeatCan of Meat
  • Confection Rebaked/Cream of Kickin'Cream of Kickin'
  • Confection Rebaked/Cream PuffCream Puff
  • Confection Rebaked/Death's RazeDeath's Raze
  • Confection Rebaked/Meety Mummy BannerMeety Mummy Banner
  • Confection Rebaked/Soul of SpiteSoul of Spite
  • Confection Rebaked/True Death's RazeTrue Death's Raze


  • Confection Rebaked/Meety MummyMeety Mummy