Underground Confection (Confection Rebaked)

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The Underground Confection is a dangerous Hardmode biome, being one of the biomes that spawns when the Wall of Flesh is defeated. It is the underground version of the surface-level Confection. It operates similarly to surface Confection, being composed of Creamstone Block, Cookie Blocks and Creamsand Block; though it spawns different enemies, along with Saccharite.

All enemies killed in the Underground Confection have a 20*1/5 (20%) chance to drop a Soul of Delight.

Note: Most characteristics of surface Confection also apply to the Underground Confection. See The Confection.


  • Confection Rebaked/Foamin' FloatFoamin' Float
  • Confection Rebaked/Gummy WyrmGummy Wyrm
  • Confection Rebaked/Icecream GalIcecream Gal
  • Confection Rebaked/IscreamerIscreamer
  • Confection Rebaked/Parfait SlimeParfait Slime
  • Confection Rebaked/PricksterPrickster
  • Confection Rebaked/Crazy ConeCrazy Cone
  • Confection Rebaked/Confection MimicConfection Mimic
  • Confection Rebaked/Striped PigronStriped Pigron(While overlapping an Ice biome in Hardmode)
Confection Underground Desert:
Unique Drops
From any enemy:
From Parfait Slimes:
From Foamin' Floats:
  • Confection Rebaked/Ccret TicketCcret Ticket
From Pricksters:
From Crazy Cones:
From Iscreamers:
From Dudleys:
  • Confection Rebaked/Taffy AppleTaffy Apple
From Striped Pigrons:
From Confection Mimics:
From terrain:
From fishing:
  • Confection Rebaked/Fairy ToothFairy Tooth(Hardmode only)
  • Confection Rebaked/Banana Split CrateBanana Split Crate
  • Confection Rebaked/Confection CrateConfection Crate(Hardmode only)
  • Confection Rebaked/Cookie Cutter SharkCookie Cutter Shark
  • Confection Rebaked/Saccharite Bat FishSaccharite Bat Fish

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