The Confection (Confection Rebaked)

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A Floating Island and an Ice biome being converted by the Confection
"A biome made of the sweetest treats where cookies and ice-cream grow everywhere"

The Confection is an Hardmode biome with a cookie and cream theme, in contrast to the pastel-colored fairytale theme of its counterpart, the Hallow.

Just like the hallow the confection cannot be generated in a newly made world and requires the player to defeat the Wall of Flesh to acquire the biome to generate alongside the world's Evil and the start of Hardmode. The biome will in a V-shape with the confection being on one side of the V and the worlds evil being on the other side.

Just like the hallow, the confection also slowly spreads to nearby to non-infected blocks. Tiles such as Creamstone Block, Cookie Block, Cream Block, Orange Ice Block, Creamsand Block and Creamgrass will all spread to their un-infected variant. If a confection is made in pre-hardmode its spread is limited to only grass only having its full spreading active in Hardmode. Once killing Plantera the spread will be slowed by 50%. The confection can be made artificially by using Cream Beans, Cream solution or Sugar water.

Like the hallow, The confection is unable to convert mud to dirt.

The dryad will tell how much confection is in the world under the Good%.


See Underground Confection for the content found during Hardmode in and under the Cavern layer.
During Rain:
At night:
Confection Desert:
  • Confection Rebaked/Sweet GummySweet Gummy
  • Confection Rebaked/Creamsand WitchCreamsand Witch
  • Confection Rebaked/Crooked CookieCrooked Cookie
  • Confection Rebaked/Mint JrMint Jr
  • Confection Rebaked/HungerHunger
Unique Drops
From Sweet Gummies:
From Creamsand Witches:
From Sprinklings:
From Roller Cookies:
From Meowzers:
  • GelGel
  • Confection Rebaked/Pastry BlockPastry Block
  • Confection Rebaked/Toasty ToasterToasty Toaster
  • Confection Rebaked/Pastry TartPastry Tart
From vegetation:
  • Confection Rebaked/CreamwoodCreamwood
  • Confection Rebaked/YumdropYumdrop
From terrain:
From fishing:
  • Confection Rebaked/Fairy ToothFairy Tooth(Hardmode only)
  • Confection Rebaked/Banana Split CrateBanana Split Crate
  • Confection Rebaked/Confection CrateConfection Crate(Hardmode only)
  • Confection Rebaked/Cookie Cutter SharkCookie Cutter Shark
  • Confection Rebaked/SprinklefishSprinklefish
From shaking trees:
  • Confection Rebaked/CherimoyaCherimoya
  • Dragon FruitDragon Fruit