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Logo (Confection Rebaked).pngAbout the Mod

The Confection was a mod started back in December of 2014 by Snickerbobble. Since then nothing has really happened regarding the original Confection, but many attempts to remake it for tModloader have failed. Hopefully this attempt won't fail and will be the new confection.

The Confection Replys on another mod called Alternate Libraries that helps mod work with other alternate biome mods.

Check out another mod made by the same developer here → The Depths

The Confection Biomes
ContentIcon2 (Confection Rebaked).pngCredits

Lion8cake - Main dev

BasicallyIAmFox - For Altlib, cream fox pet, old biome chest, old biome generation, cleaning up part of confection's bad code and Adding Alternating and 4 layered backgrounds

Cace - For Altlib, 1.3 the very tricky tile spreading code, the RoD alt and much cleaner 1.3 biome code

Yreorel - For much of the reworks for different items as well as making the Icescreamer AI

Ghasttear1 - For the 1.3 menu UI

DavidF-Dev - Otherworldly music switcher that he allowed for us to use

CastledKing2341 - For the awesome and very polished Meowzer NPC

sOvr9000 - For the awesome and very polished Icecream Gal NPC

foxyboy55 - many bug fixes an a few texture changes

SnickerBobble - Original concept creator of the Confection

Delicios Satern - Music

mddznyan - Creating textures for some items and the new logo

Snacks - Several 1.4 textures including the furniture toilets, saccharite furniture sprites and Cosmic Cookie Cannon

DakotaSpine - The amazing New background for the confection

Neobind - Textures for a few things

Miguel Noturn0 - Confection Tree icons

splig - for Gummy Worm-whip sprite