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Welcome to the Archaea Mod Wiki
Icon (Archaea Mod).pngThe Mod

Started in 2018, this mod was intended to be a world gen conversion mod with additional content.

Current Content:
1 new biome
1 new structure
2 new bosses
1 new difficulty mode
? new enemies
? new items

Archaea Mod/AccessoriesAccessories

Archaea Mod/ArmorArmor Archaea Mod/BarsBars
Archaea Mod/BlocksBlocks Archaea Mod/Crafting materialsCrafting materials Archaea Mod/FurnitureFurniture

Archaea Mod/MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
Archaea Mod/OresOres

Archaea Mod/PotionsPotions Archaea Mod/ToolsTools Archaea Mod/Vanity itemsVanity items Archaea Mod/WallsWalls Archaea Mod/WeaponsWeapons

Pre-Hardmode Bosses
Archaea Mod/MagnoMagno
Hardmode Bosses
Archaea Mod/NecrosisNecrosis
Necrosis' Staff (Archaea Mod).png Biomes & Structures
Archaea Mod/The MagnoThe Magno
Archaea Mod/The FortressThe Fortress